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Why You Shouldn't Use A Free Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

When writing a persuasive essay, you need to state your opinion and provide evidence supporting it. Usually, it becomes clear from the topic about what position you will take. However, when speaking about gun control, the topic itself does not suggest any position. You need to choose it yourself.

It is a pressing problem, so you may have a lot of ideas on this subject. Nevertheless, a persuasive essay requires a thorough investigation, since your arguments should be based on facts and not your emotions. When you are short on time, the idea of finding a good composition and rewriting it seems so tempting. There are reasons why you shouldn’t do this.

  1. The quality of the papers may be rather low.
  2. Are you really capable of distinguishing a good piece of writing from a poor one? Do not put absolute trust in everything you find on the Web. Even if a sample seems perfect, there are no guarantees that the information is up-to-date. Many free examples are badly-written and do not correspond to regular essay standards. Therefore, be ready to spend much time analyzing each piece of writing from the Internet.

  3. They may have been used many times.
  4. These papers are free, so they have most surely been spread all over the Web. If you check it with a plagiarism detection tool, it will probably confirm this assumption. Perhaps, you will get rid of essay writing for one evening by using one, but you may lose something more important – your reputation.

  5. You can adopt someone else’s mistakes.
  6. Free texts can be filled with mistakes and errors, since authors have little interest in proofreading their writing for nothing. If you are not attentive, you can make the same mistakes in your own essay. On the other hand, scanning a paper for possible errors may improve your revising skills. Besides, it can serve as an example of how the work should not be done.

  7. The lack of strong arguments.
  8. You cannot create a good persuasive essay without powerful evidence. To understand what good arguments should be like, you need to get a high-quality paper sample. It is especially important if you are writing this kind of essay for the first time.

  9. The format may vary from what you need.
  10. Your teacher has probably provided you with recommendations for your work. You need to follow them strictly, despite the example. All guidelines must be observed if you want to get a high mark.

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