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Black Plague

This is one of the most deadly diseases that have ever hit Europe. The epidemic was first discovered in 1347. The disease was brought to Europe upon the return of soldiers who had been in the war in China. During their return, they unknowingly carried bacteria that caused the disease horses. With time of close to a decade, the virus had taken form and began to spread. It spread through the route followed by the merchants going all the way down to the Black sea. Within a very short time after the virus had taken form, it had spread to a very large part of Europe. It began killing people and the authorities could not make a thing of the disease. It was not know what its cause was or how it spread.c

Reasons for the Fast Spread

The virus causing the Black Plague disease was carried in fleas. These fleas sought host in animals like horses and rats. The rats were common in the households and thus were easy to spread the disease to many people in a very short time. These rats were everywhere including cities and thus the swift spread of the deadly plague. The spread was worse in the crowded places and densely populated areas. It was also very easy for the virus to move from one city to another through the rats that were in the ships. They would find their way into other cities through luggage that was carried by the trade ships from the Mediterranean. Every port was infested with these rats and the disease continued to spread. With time the virus found its way to France through what is known as the English Channel. The plague was deadly close to 90% of those that were in contact with it did not survive.

Cats save the day

With the continued spread of the virus, the authorities tried to find a way to control the spread. They ended up banning keeping of horses and cats. They believed that these were the hosts to the deadly plague. Even after the ban the virus was a menace. In fact it even spread more than ever before. The authorities did not know that the fleas that carried the virus were hosted in rats that were in the dwelling places. Some people did not heed to the ban and continued to keep cats. These people were seen to be faring better than those who did not keep cats. Cats kill rats that spreader the virus.

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