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How To Compose A Strong Evaluation Essay On McDonald’s

Evaluation essays have a very simple goal: their purpose is to demonstrate the general quality of a specific place, business, product or service. These kinds of assignments can seem tricky at first, especially because writers aren’t encouraged to provide too much of a personal opinion but are instead asked to commit to an unbiased view of the subject. When writing about a company like McDonald’s one has to be reminded that personal opinion must be avoided and a thorough study of the company must be the emphasis of the evaluation essay. Here are some tips for composing a great essay:

Come Up with the Criteria

Check with your instructor before starting your assignment to ensure that you understand what is expected from you. You’ll need to plan ahead of time to look for the right content and consider all of the different viewpoints that might be presented. A well-rounded paper will always present the topic from different angles.

Consider the Judgment

Brainstorm some ideas for what it is exactly you want to state about the company. You’ve probably read up on a variety of topics, so it’s essential you focus on just one thing so that you can completely evaluate the subject. Remember you don’t want to inject your personal opinion. You simply want to present your judgment on a particular topic about McDonald’s.

Provide Supporting Evidence

Conduct thorough research by first checking online for general or background information then conducting high level research by searching for and reading academic journals or government resources. As you present your argument use these resources in your writing as supporting evidence. Be sure to make the proper citation so that you aren’t accused of plagiarism.

Use Appropriate Writing Skills

Just like you would with any other writing assignment, you must apply the appropriate writing skills to effectively present your argument in a way that the reader will clearly understand. It helps to first create an outline you can refer to often while you write a first draft. Consider the order in which you will release information to the reader, always thinking about what must be revealed first in order for the reader to have complete comprehension.

Revise Your Argument Content

The final step in writing a great evaluation paper on the McDonald’s restaurant company is taking a look at your first draft and revising the content of your argument. Revision is one of the key aspects of writing a great paper. Consider how you can improve the logic and flow of your argument by removing or putting in paragraphs.

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