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How To Do My Essay Without Mistakes – A Guide From An Expert

It doesn’t matter if you are perfect with your grammar because there are other things such as punctuation, the point of view, etc. that come into play for writing. And you might already know that making mistakes in your content hurts your overall paper.

So without any further ado, here are the top 3 common mistakes that you should avoid while writing an essay:

  1. Unclear introduction, and an absence of conclusion
  2. Remember, your introduction does matter because that is the gateway into your paper. This is the part where you provide the necessary background information about your subject before you start with your thesis. Failing to provide a proper introduction, results in your readers having no clue what they are reading about right from the start.

    The same is the case with a conclusion. Consider that you’ve stated your thesis and explained all the points but did not come to a conclusion. Your reader will think that the paper was cut off. Your conclusion emphasizes your points that you made throughout the essay.

  3. Problems with thesis
  4. This is the meat of your essay. This is the part where you develop a rapport with your reader and focus in relation to your topic. Your thesis is not merely about declaring your position in an argument, or proving others wrong; it is about bringing your reader on the same page and exploring the different points of the debate along with your reader through the words you write.

    If you fail to have that focus in your thesis, your essay has no clear direction or a proper structure.

    Secondly, you must focus on supporting your thesis. This is something that should be throughout the essay, and not just in the conclusion.

    This is the part where you present evidence, facts, statistics and logic.

  5. Providing too much information
  6. Failing to have focus in an assignment is an issue of its own. But if you find yourself covering 25 topics in 25 paragraphs for an assignment, you definitely include a lot of information.

    There are two things that might lead to this situation –

    The best way to solve this mistake is to have a look at the primary topic and examine how each of your ideas fit with the overall thesis and the essay. If your thesis as a narrow scope, try finding the unnecessary ideas that you’ve included, then get rid of them.

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