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Best Essay Topics On Education: 20 Suggestions To Choose From

When writing about Education there are many different areas you can explore. The field of Education has a wide variety subcategories. In order to insure that your topic is the best topic you will want to select one that is interesting, unique, and supportable. An overused topic or idea that does not have enough available research will make success difficult. Below we have outlined some of the popular areas of Education, and some of the ideas within these areas that can be explored.


  1. Repeating a Grade: Should students repeat grades? What are the benefits and drawbacks?
  2. Homework: There is a debate on homework workload. What should regulation of homework be in the classroom?
  3. Evolution & Religion: How should topics of evolutions and intelligent design be handled in the classroom?
  4. Uniform: Implementing a dress code—why and how? What are the purposes?
  5. Standards

  6. National Standards: What do we and do we not know about standards in the classroom?
  7. Advanced Learning: What are the benefits of increasing the level of intensity for all grades? Should we make school more challenging?
  8. Students in America: What is different about America’s standards from other countries? How do these difference effect us?
  9. Math in the US: Math is an area of weakness in the US—how can standards improve or inhibit math performance?
  10. Development

  11. Boys Developing: Why are boys slower to develop? How do we see these changes affect students?
  12. Playtime: What is the importance or lack thereof of playtime during the school day?
  13. Silent Lunch: Pros and cons of using silent lunch for disciplinary means.
  14. Intensive Preschool: How do academic preschools benefit child development? If at all?
  15. Technology

  16. Computers: How do we see computers used in education?
  17. Electronic Texts: What is the age of electronic textbooks like?
  18. Classroom Tech: What new programs, applications, and tech do teachers use in the classroom?
  19. Learning: How does technology stimulate or hinder learning?
  20. Health

  21. Fast Food: Why do we see fast food in schools? What effects are we seeing as a result?
  22. Obesity: How can schools fight obesity?
  23. Physical Education: Is there enough physical activity in the school day?
  24. Regulations: What kind of regulations can be implemented to better students’ healths?

After looking these over, do you see a suggestion you want to further explore? Think about the policies, standards, development, and health within education. By exploring our ideas and other areas of Education study—you will find the best topic for your success!

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