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A Great Selection Of Informal Essay Topics To Consider 

When it comes to informal essays, you can write about almost anything you want Informal essays are usually written for fun, although they are occasionally assigned as a high school or college writing project. There’s no rigid structure that you need to follow, and you can pick a topic you’re interested in.

For an informal essay, you can write in a conversational, personal style. You can use first person, and relate personal anecdotes and opinions that might not be appropriate content for a more formal paper. Here is a list of possible informal essay topics to consider:

These are just a few informal essay topics that you can consider. As you can see, you can pick any topic at all. It can be silly and inconsequential, like “What kind of bird would you be?” It can also be political or philosophical, like what you would ask an extraterrestrial visitor, or what changes you would make if you were elected President. The important part of an informal essay is that you can infuse your own personal experience and insights into it. Informal papers are a platform that you can use to talk about yourself, your own life, and your own opinions. You don’t need to be as objective and removed as you do with formal papers. It’s an essay you can actually have fun with.

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