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Seven Places To Get Free Examples Of Argumentative Essays

The argumentative essay is a staple in college classes. It requires a debatable topic, which means that people must be able to reasonably disagree on the issue.

A claim is at the core of an argument. The main claim will usually be the thesis statement, and undoubtedly there will be many claims that lead from the thesis statement throughout the essay. In an argument paper, the claim must be something of which you are trying to convince your audience with credible evidence and logical arguments.

So, how do you know what an effective argumentative essay looks like? What if you are a visual learner who needs to read an example to understand what a successful argumentative paper looks like? Well, luckily there are numerous places you can find free examples of argumentative papers, and here are seven such places:

  1. University/School Writing Centers: Your educational institute probably has a writing center. Generally, these writing centers offer writing tutoring and feedback. They should also carry examples of the types of papers their students are generally assigned, including argumentative papers. This may be a great place to start to find effective examples while getting personalized feedback at the same time.
  2. University/School Library: Libraries often have examples of argumentative essays, especially professional articles, in their online databases. These online databases provide effective examples of professional argumentative writing on topical issues. These documents are great for aspirational students who want to examine the polish of professional, published writing.
  3. Your Professor/Instructor: It makes sense that the person who is assigning you the essay would be a great source of information and possibly sample papers. Often, professors keep excellent examples of past student papers in their files, which they may be willing to share with current students to demonstrate exactly what they are looking for in the paper they have assigned. Alternately, professors may also have examples they have written themselves to serve as writing models. It can’t hurt to ask!
  4. Writing Center Websites: Many university writing centers have online websites that are available to the public. Try finding writing resources on these helpful websites if your own institution does not have the resources you need. If they don’t have examples of argumentative writing, they may have writing tutorials or outlines.
  5. University Department Webpages: Professors sometimes post mockup essays on their individual university or departmental webpages. You can commonly find these webpages through a tailored/advanced internet search. You may also want to check your own institutions webpages and the pages of individual faculty members who teach your subject to see what resources they have posted.
  6. Educational Blogs: There are a multitude of educational blogs that offer writing tips and tools. Many of these sites offer assistance with various writing styles and genres, and they sometimes provide examples or outlines to help students see their advice in action.
  7. Online Testing Services: For a more unconventional resource, try online testing services. Standardized tests often include a writing component that requires students to compose an argumentative paper. The websites for these tests provide study tools and sample papers that illustrate what a high-scoring essay would look like.

Regardless of where you look for samples of this or any type of writing assignment, the definitive place for information is your particular assignment prompt. Each writing project will have its own requirements, so it is best to refer to the assignment sheet while crafting papers in addition to looking at examples. Always bear in mind that the writing models you find may not incorporate all of the elements you will need in your own paper.

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