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Choosing Fun Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For College

In order to write a great compare and contrast essay for your college class you need to make sure that the subjects you select to focus on are actually comparable, interesting, and that your writing has a clear purpose. Many students find it easier to write about topics that are fun, so we’ve put together this list of ideas for your consideration:

  1. Describe the similarities between two foreign locations you have visited. Consider places that are exotic and unlike anything you have ever visited in your native country.
  2. Describe the similarities and differences between the last two major presidential candidates. Consider how these factors may have played a part on which you supported during the race.
  3. Compare and contrast the two stages of a person’s life and how this leads to differing personal decisions. Think of the decisions you made as a teenager versus those you make as someone in their early twenties.
  4. Define the differences between the behavior of cats and dogs as household pets. Both kinds of animals can quite independent but will behave differently if they remain indoors under your protection and dependence.
  5. Describe the differences in the rules you want to impose on your children versus those you had as child. This is a fun topic that requires students to relive their childhood and look for instances in which they would have enjoyed alternate rules.
  6. Compare and contrast the work required in college with that which was required in high school. Don’t simply discuss the degree of difficulty since that will be comparable to the knowledge you had, but consider the kind of work and the purpose of it.
  7. Describe the similarities and differences between in you before and after you have giving up something like smoking or drinking. You can also choose any other habit that you decided to give up either voluntarily or involuntarily.
  8. Compare and contrast the friends you knew in high school with those you have in college. What makes them similar? What makes them different? And what do you prefer in a friend?
  9. Describe the similarities and differences between to major sports stars in different sports and how their respective sports play a role.
  10. Compare and contrast the differences in a novel you like against the film adaptation of the same creative work.

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