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Apple Inc

Technology advancement is a force to reckon with in the current world. New features are being introduced in the electronic devices every day. This had lead to emergence of many companies that seek to satisfy the highly rising demand. Class of the devices is a major factor that measures the utility of these electronic devices. Class is defined by the features in the device and the manufacturing company. This also influenced the price of the devices. There are many companies that are in the business of electronics production but there are the big companies that are the market leaders. Apple Inc is one of the big companies that enjoy a large fan base and customers. It is associated with a high class and people but their devices to feel part of that class. Their devices are also good and they sell for their quality and features specifications.

Founders of Apple Inc

Apple Inc was started by two experts of software and electronics in the year 1976. These two experts are Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. They did research, designed and made their first production of Apple I. Later when Jobs went to check out on Xerox Alto, the first computer, he realized that their first production was very inferior. It did not have the graphical user interface. Jobs felt challenged and researched even further and designed the a bit advanced Apple Lisa. In 1938, they had another brand in their name; the Macintosh. They however fell out before this brand was produced and this led to it being produced without the key factors like multitasking and memory that were present in the Apple Lisa. Apple din not collapse and they continued with the research that led to inclusion of features like laser writer printers and page maker. Apple Inc has since then enjoyed great level of success and growth.

Devices produced by Apple

The line of production for Apple Inc is quite a general one. They have engaged in the production of many electronic devices. They produce iphones, ipods, laptops, desktops, servers, software and digital TVs. It has also established its name in offering services like computing solutions. Apple has researched a lot and is a leader in graphical designs a feature that places Apple on the lead. Apple is a company that is success oriented and thus is keen not to make mistakes. They always learn from their previous mistakes so as to be at a better place to avoid mistakes in the future. This has kept them in business and has made them favorites over their competitors.

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