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Madame Bovary: Eleven Amazing Essay Topics To Impress Your Teacher

Writing an essay on a piece of literature takes much effort. Choosing a theme is quite a responsible task; a good topic is a key to an elaborate essay. If you want to make your essay remarkable but still have no idea what you are going to write about, the list below might help you a lot. Choose the one which appeals to you most:

  1. Gustave Flaubert’s style.
  2. Describe Flaubert’s writing style, point out significant features and those common to the epoch he lived in.

  3. Romanticism and Realism in novel Madame Bovary.
  4. Analyze the novel and find the features of Romanticism and Realism in it. What peculiar for both literary styles can be found there?

  5. Social and economical conditions of France in the 19th century.
  6. Point the characteristics of the period described in the novel. How does the time and place of the novel influence the characters?

  7. The character who impressed you most.
  8. Choose the character that turned out to be the most remarkable for you. Describe him as the author does and as you personally see him. What traits impressed you most? Explain why.

  9. Madame Bovary as a feministic novel.
  10. What is peculiar for a feministic novel? Which of these features are present in Madame Bovary? Prove that the novel discussed is written in a feministic manner. Give similar examples from literature.

  11. The image of woman in the 19th century literature.
  12. How was woman treated in the European society of the 19th century? How did woman arise in the literature of that time? Was Emma Bovary a typical woman of that time? Give your reasons.

  13. Symbolism of the novel.
  14. Write about the symbols of the novel. What are their meanings?

  15. The tragedy of the heroine.
  16. What is the main tragedy of Emma Bovary? Who is to blame: Emma, the society of her time, or her unhappy destiny?

  17. Madame Bovary’s social background.
  18. Analyse the novel and define what social class Emma belongs to: aristocracy, bourgeoisie or middle class; prove it.

  19. The composition and general slant of the novel.
  20. Analyze the compositional pattern of Madame Bovary, point out its peculiarities. Define the general slant of the novel.

  21. Problems and conflicts of Madame Bovary.
  22. Discuss the problems arisen in the novel. Which one is the most urgent? What conflicts appear in this piece of literature? What kind of conflicts does the main character face?

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