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25 Best Topics For Compare And Contrast Essays For College Students

The compare and contrast are one specific type of essays. They have their specific requirements which the writers are required to follow religiously. The compare and contrast essays require the writer to evaluate a given topic by comparing and contrasting different factors associated with it. Take out decent time and you will get so many unanimous ideas from the web.

25 best topics for compare and contrast essays for college students:

The topics of compare and contrast essays are very difficult to think and then the challenge of taking them on for writing is another stiff task. The following are 25 unique compare and contrast essay topics:

  1. 1. The journey from Halloween to the New Year’s Eve
  2. 2. Your best friend characteristics as compared to a normal friend
  3. 3. The pros and cons of living in a metropolitan city
  4. 4. The preference between weeds and flowers
  5. 5. The school dictators to school bullies
  6. 6. Your childhood to old age
  7. 7. The lesson learned by the early astronauts from the experiences of Christopher Columbus
  8. 8. The major difference between the art of lying and acting
  9. 9. The difference in character from being a snob to a nerd
  10. 10. The comparison of different decades that you have lived in
  11. 11. Gay marriages versus opposite sex marriages
  12. 12. Being afraid to be smart
  13. 13. Watching a movie at home in comparison with going to a cinema
  14. 14. Video games in comparison with the traditional field games
  15. 15. Spending time with your friend as compared to spending time with your pet
  16. 16. The experience of witnessing a snowfall as opposed to a rainfall
  17. 17. Farm life in comparison to the city life
  18. 18. The difference you feel and experience between a small school campus in comparison to a big school campus
  19. 19. Your choice: Movies or Music
  20. 20. The experience of listening music at a concert in comparison with a nice music system at home
  21. 21. Reality TV shows in comparison to comedy shows
  22. 22. The comparison between the life of a dog and the life of a cat
  23. 23. What is the difference between having a male friend as compared to a female friend
  24. 24. Would you enjoy a theme park more than going to a beach
  25. 25. Would you prefer the physical beauty over inner beauty in a person

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