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A List Of Critical Analysis Essay Topics On Hunger Games

Have you watched any film of the “Hunger Games” franchise? These successful films have become really popular in the past few years. Apparently, dystopia-focused stories are very trendy nowadays. Why? Maybe because we unconsciously believe that something is going wrong in our society and the way we treat the environment. Read this post to find some appealing ideas on how to develop a critical analysis essay about these novels.

  1. Why is the idea of violence so appealing in most recent blockbuster films?
  2. Is Katniss Everdeen the idealistic figure of brave women in our society?
  3. How can a whole country be complicit with such a situation as the one the 'Hunger Games' represents?
  4. Living in poverty and the consequences in someone's perspective of life according to Katniss reality in the plot.
  5. The images of Gale and Peeta: how deep do they influence Katniss in the Games?
  6. The growth that Katniss shows as a women throughout the story based on the novel events.
  7. What connections are there with the Hunger Games and ancient civilizations of History?
  8. Why is the Capitol able to keep the population under control in such condition?
  9. Why is the duo formed by Katniss and Peeta more successful in their strategy in the Games?
  10. The consequences of having a first-person narrator in the films.
  11. Could the Hunger Games be real if politic situation changed drastically in some regions?
  12. The meaning of fire in the novel: it's uses and the personalities that fire represents.
  13. The top 10 reason why the Hunger Games is so popular among teenager audience.
  14. The influence that these novels have had in yourself and what do you think about it.
  15. Analysis on why the Panem society could not take place in our current socio-political situation.

As you can see, there are several ways of focusing on the topics of these series of novels and films. You can analyse the evolution of a character within the novels, the political repercussions of the society in Panem, etc. The main focus should be based on your personal approach to this appealing assignment. Some issues are quite more controversial than others, which is a factor that you can exploit in your article. The call is up to you, may the luck be with you.

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