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Sixteen Good Illustration Essay Topics That Will Catch Your Reader's Attention

Students normally ask how you can choose a good topic for your work, one that will get you through the proposal stage and get accepted by your institution. Well, there are so many ways to go about this. However, the most important thing that you must never forget is the fact that your topic must always get the attention of the reader. The following are some good illustration essay prompts that you can work with:

  1. Take time to visit an exhibition or a museum and describe your experience from the moment you went in to the time you left
  2. Everyone has their choice of a pet. Which is the best pet you would keep, and why? If you are not into pets, discuss why you would not keep one.
  3. Why do you think people engage in alcohol? Articulately describe the life of an alcoholic
  4. Discuss why you believe fast food restaurants are growing in popularity all over the world
  5. Describe some of the services that are provided by funeral homes
  6. What is the role of a librarian? Discuss and elaborate with relevant examples
  7. There are different school programs that students register into. Describe any such program that is popular with your age mates and explain why
  8. Illustrate how you can stop procrastinating and start working without wasting more time. As you do this, also elaborate how you can keep this trend on a daily basis
  9. Discuss any relevant ways of keeping in touch with loved ones who move to study abroad without losing touch or feeling like the distance is getting in the way of your relationship
  10. Discuss the history of one of the oldest buildings that you have access to in your town/city
  11. Imagine you are supposed to write an essay in a few hours. Share your ideas on what you need to do to get this done in the best quality so far
  12. Imagine you are an international student and describe the reasons why you chose to study abroad instead of in your country
  13. Write an articulate piece on your most memorable summer vacation
  14. Talk to your professor, find out and describe some of their duties that most students never know about
  15. Describe the things that students need to think about when choosing a college that they want to attend
  16. As a student, describe some of the most useful study habits that you need to learn

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