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12 Secrets Of Effective Opinion Essay Writing

You have probably been compiling essays for as long as you can remember. Of course, you can write an opinion essay. It’s easy enough to express your opinion about a certain subject, with a brief paragraph outlining the opposing viewpoint. However, as you get older and the further you evolve in your academic career then you need to move up a gear in terms of the quality of your writing. This means being able to articulate your viewpoint in a more concise manner, as well as taking care to acknowledge the validity of the opposing argument. So, if you are ready to step it up, here’re my 12 secrets of better writing:

  1. Improve your grasp of English language
  2. Taking time out to improve your grasp of grammar and punctuation will make it much easier for you to be able to articulate your opinions in a clear way. This will not only help you with this particular piece, but with your work in general.

  3. Try and write about something that you are passionate about
  4. Having a strong opinion as opposed to just a casual interest will shine through in your work and will add an extra layer of credibility to the whole thing. It will also lift it from dull, to compulsive reading.

  5. Understand the counter-argument
  6. You might wonder why this would be so important when you only have to write a paragraph or so on the counter-argument. However, the trick is in narrowing it down. The only way that you are going to be able to do that is if you fully understand it.

  7. Test your opinion
  8. Debating groups are brilliant for this. However, if you don’t happen to have access to one, simply testing your opinion on family or friends and debating it – ideally with someone who is willing to put forward the counter-argument will make the world of difference.

  9. Follow the formula
  10. Don’t be tempted to deviate from the tried and tested formula. You need your introduction, main body, and conclusion. It’s like baking a cake. Miss any of the core ingredients out and it will flop.

  11. Compile a list
  12. Before starting work on it compile a list of all of the potential viewpoints and arguments. This will help consolidate things in your mind.

  13. Link your paragraphs
  14. Your work needs to flow. This means that you need to use linking words to join up your sentences and paragraphs. It really is the basics of essay writing.

  15. Check out multiple tutorials
  16. The Internet is brilliant for learning. Look out for tutorials in places like YouTube which can really help take it up a gear.

  17. Have fun with it
  18. So many students overlook this fundamental piece of advice. Rather than seeing your work as a chore, attack it with relish and have fun with it!

  19. Stay on message
  20. Don’t fall into the common trap of straying off message. Stick to your opinion and wrap it all up nicely.

  21. Go with a controversial opinion
  22. Spice things up by going with a controversial opinion aimed at getting people talking

  23. There is no right or wrong answer
  24. Remember that there is no right or wrong answer. So long as you can back up and justify your opinion then you will be marked accordingly. Just remember that the counter-opinion has equal validity.

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