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Simple Guidelines For Creating A Response Essay About Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre is a common literary text that appears at various levels in the education system. You will occasionally be asked to write a response essay about Jane Eyre. How do you go about it? Where do you even start considering that the book was published in another century? What are the issues to tackle in your paper? Here is a simple guide to make your task easier.

Read the Book

The worst mistake you will ever make with a literary analysis or response exercise is to begin writing without thorough reading of the text. This rule applies to poems, dramas, narratives, novels, short stories and all other literary materials. Failure to read means that you will be writing from rumors and here say. Your points will lack the contextual grounding necessary in literary work. Read the book several times and develop a personal opinion.

Read other Texts

It is important to understand what other people say about a subject before providing a response. Visit the library or alternative sources of journals, articles and books on Jane Eyre. Read the views of other people with the aim of identifying the scholars in support of your opinion and those against it. This approach provides an academic context to your work.

Choose a Topic

Jane Eyre presents numerous options in terms of topics for your response essay. It is challenging to pick a topic especially when you bear in mind that the book has been studied for years. This means that numerous papers have been written on it. To capture the attention of your reader and lay the ground for a captivating essay, it is advisable that you find a fresh twist to different aspects of the novel. Ensure that your topic would appeal to a person who has read volumes of related papers at different levels.

Create an Outline

An outline gives you a working framework that enables you to actualize your essay. It gives you an idea of the number of points you have and how they will be organized in your paper. It also confirms that you have sufficient points to sustain a quality discussion in the paper. Use the outline to identify the points that will appear at the top and those that will be at the end.

When it is time to write the response essay on Jane Eyre, maintain the book as the primary source of materials. Identify a position and effectively support it. The creativity of your topic will make the paper more captivating.

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