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Resurrection Of Jesus

Christianity is one of the most popular religions on the planet. There are billions of Christians worldwide although the subscribe to different variations of the faith. The thing that almost all of them agree on is that Jesus Christ was killed by the authorities at the time in order for the sins of humanity to be excused by God. Here are a few other points related to that occurrence.

As depicted in Christianity

Jesus’ story begins with a few other supernatural instances. According to the Bible, he was born to a virgin mother who was impregnated by the Holy Spirit to bear a child who was the Son of God. His birth was the fulfillment of the Jewish prophecy that a Messiah would be sent to the world. In his lifetime he lived under the domination of Roman people who believed in a pantheon of gods and goddesses very different to the monotheist religion of the Jews. He was put to death via Crucifixion a method that was not uncommon at the time for his unwillingness to adhere to Roman conventions as well his claim of divinity. According to the Christian faith, three days after he died and was placed in a sepulcher he came to life again and was seen by several of his disciples before returning to God in heaven.

Precedents in other religions

The concept of virgin birth has appeared in other religious traditions before the birth of Christ. Similarly, the idea of a messianic or hero figure having to sacrifice himself for the good of his people has also been seen before. Osiris and Horus in the Egyptian tradition were said to have died and been resurrected.

Acceptance in Judaism and Islam

While Jesus was raised in the Jewish tradition, he was not accepted by most of the Jews as the Messiah they had waited for. This is why the Jewish faith has not simply become absorbed into Christianity. To them the resurrection is not considered the fulfillment of prophecy. Similarly, in Islam Jesus is considered a great prophet but not the Son of God. They do not believe that he died on a cross, either because he was removed too quickly or because he was taken straight to heaven while someone else died in his stead.

Although there have been many interpretations of this event with some not believing it at all, the resurrection is a huge part of the Christian tradition which has had a major impact on world history.

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