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What Should I Know Before Composing A Nature Synthesis Essay

A synthesis essay is the type of assignment in which you have to connect and link different parts of work or different works in order to support and present a larger perspective. The purpose of such assignments is to achieve coherent and comprehensive paper by combining valid ideas from authenticated sources. Students often have to write such papers for their academic purposes so it is best to know what and how you are going to do with such an assignment. When you sit down to write a synthesis paper on nature, it is important that you understand and realize a few important things before that. You have to know a certain things before you start writing your paper in the first place

Here is what you need to know before the writing process starts

  1. The purpose of your assignment- Be clear about what you are trying to achieve with the paper and how will you reach it. What do you want to show your audience through your work and what is the prompt or instruction given to you for the paper
  2. The type of the assignment- Determine what type of synthesis paper you are supposed to write. These papers are of two types namely explanatory synthesis essay and argumentative synthesis essay. Explanatory is where the writer has to explain the given subject in different parts using important words and detail. This does not require taking a stance. Argument is when you have to convince and persuade your readers of your ideas and show them through different sources that your stance is correct.
  3. Preliminary reading- This means that you should have a clear idea about the subject you are addressing and the sources you will use to suit your purpose in the paper. Read each source carefully and make a list that will help you in writing your paper
  4. Decide the method of development that you will use to use your sources and add notes. How the information will flow through your paper and make sense to your audience. Determine the top sources that best support your idea and mark them
  5. Have a plan for the organization and the structure of your paper. You should be clear from the start about the order of your paper and the time for each section. You can also find assistance here if you want to have a good plan for your paper

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