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How To Compose A Thesis Statement For A Comparative Essay

A comparative essay will be a paper where two things are compared. You can approach the topic with a pro and con stance, or you can simply present alternatives and different views, personalities, or occasions. You will want to look at your topic and do three things:

  1. Carefully analyze the issue at hand
  2. Make your outline
  3. Research and write

Before you can get too far, you must first come up with the thesis statement for your comparative essay. You will probably be comparing places, things, people, events, or views. This can come in a proposition form or a compare and contrast form.

The Proposition Form

You are, with this form, agreeing to the supremacy of something. Examples might look like this:


The idea that Shakespeare is the greatest playwright ever is a provocative one that has valid and credible academic support.

The thought that Common Cores Standards are suitable for measuring students’ knowledge is true and can be supported by surveys and studies.

The Comparison and Contrast Form Examples

It is true that there are differences between rock and roll and blues music, but the similarities are evident.

While some difference between World War I and World War II exist, the similarities involving the origin of the wars are pronounced.

You can use whichever form you like. Try your topic with both formats and use the one that seems to be the best fit. You can decide which you wish to use. It is your call.

So, as you compose this important sentence make sure the ideas are strong, you know the purpose, and that you can clearly answer the question/provide the support. This statement will go in the first paragraph and it can be placed anywhere you want to put it in the first paragraph. Most writers like to put it as either the first or last statement. Make sure that the paper’s statement is written in an indirect way, because the details will come later in the paper. It should be a bit general allowing for the evidence to come later.

As you write the comparative thesis statement keep in mind that you will be comparing one or several items, and you want to make your claim’s case in the paper.

Pick strong points and always make the sentence is strong. Do not have grammatical or spelling errors, and make sure it is properly constructed.

A Few Pointers To Keep In Mind

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