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Quick Tips On How To Make Subheadings In An APA Paper

The APA style is one of the most popular formatting styles for academic papers. If you need to finish your paper, using the APA style, give special attention to such things as subheadings.

The Way APA Subheadings Are Formatted

Subheadings appear in your text when there are at least two sections within a larger one. There are five stages of subsequent heading formats that are used to format APA academic papers.

  1. The first level.
  2. These subheadings are typed in bold, aligned in the center of your page. Each first letter of the words is capitalized. The paragraph that this subheading introduces starts on the next line with an indention of five spaces from the left.
  3. The second level.
  4. The bolded heading of this section is located flush left, without any indention. The paragraph begins on the next line, indented with five spaces. All the first letters in the subheading are capitalized.
  5. The third level.
  6. This subheading is bolded, too, and indented five spaces from the left margin. This heading is ended by a period, and the paragraph starts on the same line. Capitalization affects only the very first letter of the heading and the first letters of proper nouns within it.
  7. The fourth level.
  8. The subheading that is on the fourth level is bolded but also italicized. It undergoes indention of five spaces from the left margin. There is a period at the end of the subheading that has only the first capital letter. The paragraph that begins after this heading is started on the same line.
  9. The fifth level.
  10. Subheadings of the fifth level are italicized but without bolding. There is indention of five spaces from the left margin and a period at the end of the heading. Capitalization works only on the first letter of the heading and first letters of proper nouns. The paragraph starts within the same line.

A Source of Useful Guidelines

Formatting matters can cause a lot of troubles to students. If you have come to the closing stage of the writing and now need to format everything as due, find a manual or a guidebook that will explain the details of the APA style. Such manuals are available on the Internet. There are entire websites that are dedicated to the explanation of different academic writing styles and their specific features. Take advantage of their recommendations and format your paper absolutely correctly. If you still have some time and money, you can have your paper proofread by specialists who will detect and correct all the mistakes.

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