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Use Of Cell Phones: Risk Or Benefit

With the advent of 19th century, technological advancements were rising exponentially and communication was one of the most under-developed sectors until the invention of mobile/cell phones. Powered by a mini battery and robust features paved the way for a new domain of efficient communication and connection to the world. It was a century later when cell phones became a rather ambiguous commodity of questionable usage. Cell phones usefulness always overpowers its abuse. The present day innovation is based on the early creation.

The availability of a MP3 player, calculator, digital camera, sound recorder, phone and diverse applications on the go is pushing the limits comfort. But cell phones have all that and more in them as programmed features. Mobile phones are a boon to communication as it eliminates the time period taken for any alternative method of transmission. The daily commuter’s requisite is a cell phone as it is not always possible to pre-plan events or manage time on road. Intercommunication with the beneficiaries, friends, or family proves to be a mental boost to everyday person. The present day smart phones (as they are smart enough to handle various tasks at the same time) are at the zenith of creativity as they can practically solve any issue with the help of its ever-useful applications. The Blood pressure count, Work notify, Flashlight, dictionary, wallet, translator, GPS(Graphic Positioning System), maps and thousands of other utilities which accommodate to a person’s prolonged needs and wants. The present generation is equipped with smart phones and their successor’s which provides an ever-increasing know-how. The mobile phone is given the top-most priority as it is the medium of inter-connection with the beloved ones. The use of a GSM/CDMA SIM-card facilitates conversing with anybody around the globe in no time. The internet accessible device is also programmed to browse the World Wide Web (www) and gain convenient and advantageous information.

Every other creation is a blessing as well as a curse. Mobile phones are minimizing the human-human interaction as most of the conversations are taking place over the phone, thus devoid of any physical presence and leaving out gestures and impressions which give rise to misinterpretations. Mobile phones also lead to severe accidents even causing death. Talking on the phone, messaging (texting) or even browsing while driving, coming down the stairs, crossing railway platforms or roads can lead to fatal incidents. Inattentiveness is the prime disadvantage of cell phone usage. Storing sensitive information such as contacts, photos, bank accounts, text messages, videos and such is not safeguarding it. It is vulnerable to anybody as if the cell phone is lost, or left elsewhere for some time; it can give a meddler all the information about somebody’s private life and it can also theft by hacking into bank account information. A detrimental breach of privacy is always an issue with a cell-phone.

Thus, using a mobile phone the proper way is the sole advisory as clearly the advantages outweigh the abuses. The cons are the result of over-indulgence in the virtual world which if lessened can save our life. So, keeping the mobile away while walking on the road, driving, or elsewhere requiring optimum concentration is needful. Using mobile phones is not the priority but using it the befitting way is.

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