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Essay Topics: Easy Tips for Conducting a Deep Research

Many students think that academic research means searching for relevant topic information on the Web. However, this approach is inappropriate for good essay writing. Firstly, your search engine will not allow you to get the right type of information in most cases. Secondly, the Web does not ensure the quality of the content that you receive, as no one is responsible for errors and incorrect approaches used by individuals before publishing information online. To conduct a deeper research for your essay, you can follow the step-by-step tips below.

  1. Study general information about your research subject:
  2. If you are interested in the specific subject, you will have fun learning new facts about it. Look through the list of recommended literature to pick sources related to your topic. The preliminary reading might also include general reference materials such as dictionaries and encyclopedias.

  3. Use the library’s catalogue:
  4. Create a plan for your research and start searching for information on your essay topic. Do not hesitate to use your library’s catalogue to browse through the available books and articles. Look through periodicals carefully; there, you can find interesting facts and news related to the subject. However, you should keep in mind that newspapers and magazines often provide subjective and invalid data that you should not use for your essay.

  5. Consider where you can get the information you need:
  6. Sometimes, you have to work on your own in order to get the necessary information. For example, it might be helpful to conduct a survey or review rules and regulations. Numerous online databases contain lots of useful information, including statistics and scholarly papers.

  7. Check the chosen sources:
  8. When you find something you would like to use, do not forget to check whether it is a relevant source of information. Pay special attention to the publication date, introduction, preface, contents, and last paragraphs. Before reading, it is better to figure out what you want to find out from the source. Be aware that some information is trivial, and therefore useless to your research.

  9. Identify what sources to include in your list of works cited:
  10. When selecting informational sources, it is reasonable to limit their number to the most important ones; then, start reading them carefully and take notes. Do not forget to cite all the sources in your text. Once you have finished your paper, review it to ensure that you have provided enough supportive arguments. Otherwise, you have to look for additional information for your work.

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