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A List Of Captivating Essay Ideas On Modern Art And Music

Choosing a topic idea is one of the main parts of writing an essay. The idea should not only be related to your subject, but also interesting to write and read about. If you're having difficulties selecting an appropriate topic, here are some ideas you can choose from.

Ideas for an Essay on Modern Music

  1. Has the quality of pop music changed over the course of the last century?
  2. Would you agree that violent lyrics in music can have an influence on society?
  3. How would you best define the term "folk music"? Do you think its concept has changed over the last century?
  4. How did hip-hop change over the course of last 40 years?
  5. Is music a purely entertainment-only form of art, or does it have a role in bigger societal concepts such as politics?
  6. When do you think the next music revolution will happen, and what will be the cause of it?
  7. What was the influence of portable music devices, such as MP3 players, on students and their abilities in school?
  8. Does music have a big role in your country, or is it insignificant?
  9. How will the ways of musical recording change in the future?
  10. Does music have a place in the formal workplace? Can it improve the workers' productivity?

Ideas for Essays on Modern Art

  • Do you think that modern paintings are more visually appealing than paintings from the previous periods?
  • Was Picasso more talented than Matisse, and if so, why?
  • Are paintings that contain graphic and nude images a sign of poor taste?
  • What is the place of abstract art in the modern world?
  • Do you think that caricatures are an immature way of criticizing political views?
  • Are intricately designed buildings more necessary than the general structural integrity?
  • Is street art such as graffiti an important modern way of artistic expression, or is it just vandalism?
  • How did religious buildings from the past influence the architectural designs of the modern era?
  • Are theatrical and acting skills required for dancing?
  • Is contemporary dance more appealing than the classical types, such as ballet?
  • Deciding on the Topic of Your Paper

    Selecting a topic that interests you is important, because writing about subjects that fascinate you is always more productive. Regardless of what subject you will be writing about, it's important to do research on your topic. Find new ways of approaching and analyzing your topic to try and bring something new to the table. Modern art and modern music are both vast academic fields, and there will always be enough subjects for research and discussion.

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