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Basic Recommendations On How To Begin A Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay is considered to be a rather subjective piece of writing. These assignments allow students to demonstrate their ability to analyze information, express the personal opinion, and prove it. It can be based not only on academic facts, but also emotions.

To achieve success, start with the determining of the topic. Choose narrow topics that are connected with interesting facts, inventions or other events. Doing research, on the chosen subject, will help you better understand the problem, state your point of view, and find evidence that can be used to support it. After finishing your research, formulate the thesis statement. It should convey your message. Write an outline to organize your ideas and information.

Usually, one uses five-paragraph structure while working on this piece of writing:

  1. Introduction.
  2. An introduction is used to draw readers’ attention. It can be achieved by stylistic devices, quotations, and statistical data. This paragraph should contain information that allows the reader to understand what question you are going to examine.

  3. Main part.
  4. A main part usually consists of three body paragraphs, including information, which supports the chosen thesis.

  5. Conclusion.
  6. A conclusion is an attempt to sum up the basic points of the paper.

After the draft of your essay is done, have a rest for a few minutes, and then start revision.

Be attentive while revising the draft; make sure there is logical connection between introduction, body parts, and conclusion. Correct grammar and spelling mistakes, as they can substantially influence general impression of the paper. Let other people look through the essay; it will help find unnoticed mistakes and judge about the quality of the presented material.

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