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Crafting An Amazing Compare And Contrast Essay: Simple Tips

A compare and contrast essay has more to it than just stating similarities and difference between two subjects. You are required to raise an unknown issue, clear up a misconception or lead to a new way of doing or viewing things. This article will guide you in crafting the best comparative paper.

Lay a foundation

When it comes to laying a solid foundation for your work, consider the following stated points.Understand what is expected from you, seek clarification and plan early. Ensure you have clearly understood the question you have been assigned. Check in key phrases and words. They will guide you. Be genuine, if there is a place you don't understand, ask. Consult your teacher, friends or librarian. An amazing paper is not written few hours before the given deadline. Start as soon as possible. This will even give you enough time to formulate a good thesis.

Formulate your point of argument

Ensure you pick two topics that will not give you a hard time when writing. This means they should have enough differences that can be compared. When selecting a topic choose two subjects in the same field, pick those that seem to have some similarities but in real case they are different. Put your points in a way that your readers will find it interesting. It should also help them understand how the two subjects are related or not. Mind map possible ideas. Once you come up with possible ideas, have a list or draw a Venn diagram. Note major differences and similarities. Always consider your main points. Finally come up with a good thesis.

Organize your work

There are a wide range of options to arrange your work. Your choice depends on your ideas. You can always change the structure if your work once you more it is not working out well. Outline your points. This will help you not leave out any important points. Basically, have an introduction, body and conclusion. You can choose to arrange your work based on a subject to subject or point to point.

In conclusion, give yourself a break. Whenever you feel exhausted, take time and relax before resuming. Remember, never forget to revise your work. You can always give it to someone else to check if out for you. Ensure you have raised enough balancing points for both subjects. Do not be bias. Use second or third person language.

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