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Choosing Catchy Argumentative Essay Topics About Facebook

Facebook; the brand that is everywhere. Like all successful businesses, Facebook also has its critics and its admirers. Being so omnipresent in the lives of so many, it also lends itself to being a great topic for writing argumentative essays. Read on to find some great ideas for topics about Facebook.

  1. Addiction to Facebook
  2. There are numerous reports and studies about the addictive nature of Facebook. This social network is used to connect to friends and family and even long lost schoolmates. However, there is also a feeling that young people spend way too much time on it when they could be out doing things that are far healthier, for instance, exercise. Explore.

  3. Facebook and the concerns for privacy
  4. The introduction of social media in our lives has led to a gradual loss of privacy. People post some intimate information about themselves online which they would not have before the advent of Facebook. Explore.

  5. Facebook and the issue of security
  6. Young people or even older people with limited technical knowledge sometimes post information about their identity or location online without thinking of the consequences. With several high profile online crimes in the news, explore the issue of security on Facebook.

  7. Censorship on Facebook
  8. In the past, the company has been accused of censoring content on a whim with no coherence or consistency. This has led to accusations of bias. Explore.

  9. Facebook and frequent changes in privacy settings
  10. One of the most contentious issues in the Facebook community is the unilateral, arbitrary and frequent changes in the privacy settings, many of which have left users’ private information available publicly before reconfiguring their individual settings. Explore.

  11. The reasons for Facebook’s success
  12. What started as a small social network for a university community is now a global behemoth. Explore the reasons for Facebook’s success.

  13. The impact of Facebook on the online world
  14. The introduction of Facebook has had a profound effect on the digital world. Everything and everyone from businesses to governments to NGOs (non-governmental organizations) have profiles on the social media giant. Explore how its presence has changed the way organizations interact with their audiences.

  15. The competition faced by Facebook
  16. In recent times, the sheen has worn of Facebook as copycat services and new, differentiated services launch an all-out attack on its market share. Explore the competition.

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