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The Top 25 Original Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative essays are one of the most popular essay styles assigned by instructors. They can be written about nearly any prompt, which is one reason why they are so popular. One of the challenges with assigning and completing an argumentative essay is creating a topic that is unique and original. Since the essays are assigned so frequently, the writing ideas are repeated so often that they are easy for students to copy and boring for teachers to read.

Look Away from Global Events and Look Locally Instead

Some of the most common writing ideas include those about global current events. Topics like stem cell research, abortion, drug trafficking, and education competition have been written about so many times that it is difficult to take a unique stance on these issues. To be craft a unique topic, it is better to look investigate and argue an issue at a smaller, local level. Here are some ideas:

  1. Should the school day be longer?
  2. Should the annual school calendar be changed?
  3. Should students opt out of standardized tests?
  4. Are there benefits of taking a standardized tests?
  5. Should high school athletes hire a recruiting agency?
  6. Is prom worth the money?
  7. Should fluoride be used in your community’s water supply?
  8. Is Facebook still relevant?
  9. Should schools require students to have their own computers?
  10. Should cell phone be allowed in classrooms?
  11. Should meditation be taught in schools?
  12. Is television still relevant?
  13. What writers are defining literature today?
  14. What is art?
  15. Should schools have gender-specific classes?
  16. Should football still be a part of high school culture?
  17. Is the NBA still relevant?
  18. Should your community have a professional athletic team?
  19. Is it better to be an introvert or extrovert?
  20. Should teachers have guns in their desks?
  21. Should GMO foods be labeled?
  22. Should schools provide meals?
  23. Are school busses still needed today?
  24. Are swear words still powerful?
  25. Is marriage still necessary?

Choose an Issue that is Powerful and Meaningful

When you create a unique writing idea, you want to think about things that interest you. Many of the most interesting issues are small ones that people talk about on a regular basis. Talk shows are good sources for inspiration for social topics and sports talk shows are good choices for topics relating to current events in the athletic world. Since people are so interested in what happens in school, those issues are usually powerful, too.

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