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IPhone And Galaxy

Whenever these two brands are mentioned, two great cell phone companies come in to mind. The two companies are Apple and Samsung. They are currently the two cell phone companies that are leading in the market. Their phones are highly rated and they are both striving to get better than the competitor and be the market leader. Both these two companies enjoy a wide base of royal fans and their rivalry is not anywhere close to the end. These two companies continue to fight with each company unveiling new products now and then so as to make sure that they stay in the market and meet the demands of their customers. They produce new smart phones of very high specs each trying to be better than the other. Their products are quite superior and it is really hard to tell which is better than the other. At times customers will go for the product that has a better offer at the time they buy.

IPhone by Apple

IPhone is designed and produced by Apple. Apple released its first generation iPhone which was using GSM in June 2007. The latest iPhone models that are available in the market are iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. These products were made unveiled to the public in early September last year. They both run the Apple iOS mobile operating system. When iPhone and galaxy phones are compared, then you have to look at many things. This will only leave you in a stale mate as they both have their strong points. Each brand has got areas where it does best and will edge its competitor out in that particular sector. Apple is known for better recognition and security. It is prestigious to own an Apple iPhone.

Galaxy by Samsung

Though Apple has been producing iPhone since they it began, Samsung is seen to be headed for the top spot. Over the years they have worked hard enough to make sure that they keep on improving and can match the qualities of Apple. In terms of screen and display, Samsung galaxy has a better and larger screen. It has 432 pixels per inch which offers very sharp display. iPhone has an inferior 326 pixels per inch. iPhone offers a fixed internal memory of 128GD,64GB,and 16GB. On the other hand, Samsung galaxy offers 16GB of internal memory but gives their users a chance to upgrade this space up to 128GB with the use of memory cards. The SD cards are cheap and thus this makes it relatively easy to expand your storage.

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